suki waterhouse

an intimate interview with the inimitable babe

It's past midnight and Suki Waterhouse is drinking coffee. I would normally offer to take the blame on this... but if you know Suki, you know that she'll drink coffee at any hour. But tonight, it's because she's in the Amazon, and I've talked her into a long distance Skype session. lucky for the both of us, she's floating on a river with a good signal and a lot of wildlife chirping in the background. at one point, she claims she feels like she's in australia, and that the birds might murder her. i tell her to carry an umbrella to fend off the murder birds just in case. in any case, while she's in the jungle, I've been at a spa in Ojai looking for Jesus for the past two days - my soul needed cleansing, but that's neither here nor there. What better way to end a spiritual weekend than with a long distance - and somewhat invasive - interview with one of your best mates?

As I'm sure you've already put together, this interview will be heavily biased. my journalistic pursuits are overshadowed by the fact that i've known suki for a few years now. we spent a good amount of time together learning how to kick ass in restrictive clothing - which changes a woman, if you ask me. so don't come to this disillusioned, thinking you're going to get an objective story. my affection for suki knows no bounds. she has a certain je ne sais quoi about her, an effortlessness that i suppose only comes with being ridiculously beautiful, and also, extremely cool. between cups of coffee, a good amount of swearing, and an even better amount of editing, we came out alive on the other side... still loving one another, despite what the last bits of the interview might lead you to believe.

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